As an interdisciplinary institute the ITA is part of the OeAW as a whole and is working on the basis of its medium-term research program (German only). The institute is advised by a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The work of the institute is funded from various sources.

Our team

At present, we comprise a team of twenty with a broad range of expertise. Half of the scientific team was originally trained in the natural and engineering sciences, the other half in the social sciences and humanities. The disciplinary backgrounds range from philosophy, sociology, political science and law, to economy, informatics, process engineering, biology and human ecology. Our office team specializes in project management, public relations, events management, IT support and information management. The ITA also supports young academics by employing trainees and supervising diploma and doctoral theses. There is a weekly staff meeting to exchange ideas on interdisciplinary and organisational matters.

Our projects

Our scientific work is organised in projects. Besides thematic working groups, collaborations are often established between the various fields of activity. Depending on requirements, the internal research teams can be temporarily supplemented by external experts. Each project has an internal project advisory board and some also have an external board. Project seminars in which the whole academic ITA team participates take place regularly for the purpose of quality control.