The ITA deals with the impacts of new technologies on society, the environment and the economy. It carries out scientific technology assessment (TA) on a variety of topics.The results of this work support policy-makers, administration and the public with regard to issues of technology policy.


  • With our research, we seek to better understand the societal relevance of technology and to develop TA methodology further
  • We develop options and recommendations for decision-makers in politics, the public sector and the general public

Current Research Focuses

The scientific work of the ITA is carried out within the framework of our Medium-Term Research Programme, which is updated each year. Currently the ITA has the following research focuses:

  • Digital technology, democracy, and society
  • Emerging technosciences, values, and uncertainity
  • Innovation, the environment, and sustainable futures
  • Reflexive studies: methods, concepts, and frameworks of TA
  • from the societal challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic to a TA in situations of crises

Intense discussions are a part of interdisciplinary research – such as during our weekly jour fixe.