The publication series of the ITA for politics and society

In this series, the ITA summarises the core results of its own research projects as well as of selected projects of other technology assessment institutions. The ITA Dossiers are only two pages long and present the topic in a non-scientific language with a view to options for actions in politics and society.

The ITA Dossiers are published here and on EPUB.OEAW/ITA-Dossiers. ISSN (online): 2306-196

Since we publish the dossiers according to the type and working language of the respective project, the following list may vary slightly from that in German.

List of german dossiers


  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2024). Biotechnology - opportunities for climate and nature ITA Dossier No.76en, March. 2024; Author: Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-076en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2024). Solar Power Grid integration. ITA Dossier No 75en (March 2024; Author: Michael Ornetzeder). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-075en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2024). What does good policy advice look like in times of crisis? ITA Dossier No 74en (March 2024; Author: Alexander Bogner, Paul Buntfuss, Daniela Fuchs, Tanja Sinozic-Martinez). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-074en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2023). Positive Energy Districts. ITA-Dossier No 73en (Dezember 2023; Author: Michael Ornetzeder). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-073en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2023). Precaution for Innovation. ITA-Dossier No 72en (Dezember 2023; Authors: André Gazsó, Anna Pavlicek). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-072en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2023). Regional Food Futures. ITA-Dossier No 71en (April 2023; Authors: Mahshid Sotoudeh, Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-071en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2023). European Search. ITA-Dossier No 70en (March 2023; Author: Astrid Mager). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-070en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2023). Temporary housing. ITA-Dossier No 69en (April 2023; Author: Michael Ornetzeder). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-069en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Shaping urban mobility for crises. ITA Dossier No 68en (December 2022, Author: Tanja Sinozic, Gloria Rose). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-068en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Do new technologies need new laws? ITA Dossier No 67en Octtober 2022, Author: Johann Cas). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-067en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Augmented reality in public spaces. ITA Dossier No 66en (September 2022, Author: Niklas Gudowsky-Blatakes). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-066en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Cultures of responsibility for AI start-ups (ITA Dossier No 65en (September 2022, Author: Tanja Sinozic, Steffen Bettin, Titus Udrea). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-065en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Secure power supply in the energy transition. ITA Dossier No 64en (August 2022, Author: Stefan Strauß, Doris Allhutter, Michael Ornetzeder). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-064en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). New paths towards open data? ITA Dossier No 63en (May 2022, Author: Fynn Semken, Astrid Mager). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-063en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Understanding AI. ITA Dossier No 62en (May 2022, Author: Walter Peissl). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-062en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Follow the science? Policy advice in times of crises. ITA-Dossier No 61en (May 2022; Author: Alexander Bogner). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-061en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). What opportunities does this pandemic offer? ITA-Dossier No 59en (March 2022; Author: Karen Kastenhofer). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-059en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). Nanosafety through Standards ITA-Dossier No 60en (March 2022; Authors: André Gazsó, Anna Pavlicek). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-060en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2022). How to plan the local energy transition ITA-Dossier No 58en (March 2022; Authors: Michael Ornetzeder, Leo Capari). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-058en
  • ITA [Hrsg.],. (2021). Co-Creation: A challenging process. ITA-Dossier no. 56en (Dezember 2021; Authors: Ulrike Bechtold, Daniela Fuchs, Vera Borrman). Wien. doi:10.1553/ita-doss-056en

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