PD MMag. Dr.

Robert Musil

Interim Director, Working Group Leader “Innovation and Urban Economy”

T +43 1 51581 – 3524


Robert Musil studied geography and history at the University of Vienna and finished his PhD at the University Innsbruck in 2005. His cumulative habilitation work in the field of human geography was approved in 2015 at the University of Innsbruck. Since 2001, Robert Musil has been a researcher at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ISR); between 2007 and 2009 he was post-doc assistant at the University of Salzburg, between 2014 and 2016 he was visiting professor for economic geography at the University of Vienna. Robert Musil is general secretary at the Austrian Geographical Society. His main research fields are in urban geography, geography of finance, regional innovation systems and the internationalisation of urban systems. The regional focus of his work is Austria and Europe (Southeast Europe).

Research Areas

  • International urban system research
  • Transformation of financial centres
  • Regional innovation systems
  • Regional disparities in Austria and Europe

Memberships and additional functions

  • General Secretary at the Austrian Geographical Society
  • Austrian representative at the EUROGEO
  • Lecturer at several Austrian universities

Recent publications

  • Musil, R.(2019): Immobiliengeographie: Märkte - Akteure - Politik. Das Geographische Seminar. Immobiliengeographie: Märkte - Akteure - Politik.
  • Musil, R. and Eder, J.(2016): Towards a location sensitive R&D policy. Local buzz, spatial concentration and specialisation as a challenge for urban planning – Empirical findings from the life sciences and ICT clusters in Vienna.. In: Cities59: 20-29.
  • Musil, R. and Mayerhofer, P.(2019): Innovation und Internationalisierung – Oberösterreich im Vergleich moderner Industrieregionen in Europa. In: ÖGL - Österreich in Geschichte und Literatur mit GeographieIndustrie - Innovation - Region.: 23-38.
  • Musil, R. and Eder, J.(2017): Wozu räumliche Nähe in der urbanen Wissensökonomie? Eine geostatistische Analyse Wiener Forschungscluster. In: Raumforschung und Raumordnung.75: 93-107.
  • Musil, R.(2016): Immobilienmärkte zwischen Krise, Boom und Peripherisierung.. In: Innsbrucker Studienkreis für Geographie, (ed.)(2016): Die Welt verstehen – eine geographische Herausforderung.. Innsbruck: 79-94.