The overall research interest of the working group lies in the analysis of economic transformation processes in an urban context or milieu. The link between these two fields of research towards urban milieus and the interplay and reproduction of urban space is a “market niche” in the Austrian scientific community. A second core and unique feature is the evolutionary, long-term perspective of specific sectors of the urban economy. Based on these two aims, working group has two main fields of research:

  • The analysis of innovation processes in an urban milieu. As international knowledge networks and virtual interaction become a broader phenomenon in research and development (R&D) activities, the role of spatial proximity in innovation – and several forms of its substitution – becomes crucial. The impact of urban milieus on R&D institutions or start-ups is also a core topic. The main question is: What are the relevant urban infrastructures or creative milieus for innovation processes? The role of universities and public research institutions as gravity cores for urban clusters and their economic impact on the urban economy is a further key topic in this field.
  • Transformation of urban economies against the background of ongoing internationalisation. In this context, advanced producer services that play a crucial role in the formation of agglomeration as global cities is a relevant focus. For instance, financial services – banking and insurance – are of particular importance. The question is: How does the transformation and internationalisation of these sectors follow historic trajectories?