14.02.2023 | Donating

Earthquake in Turkey: OeAW Archaeologists organize relief efforts

A donation account has been opened to provide swift help to affected OeAW colleagues in Turkey.

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The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has cut a swath of destruction and already claimed tens of thousands of lives depriving many more of their livelihood. Among those are also numerous Turkish based employees of the excavation in Ephesus, which is headed by the Austrian Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW).

In light of these circumstances, archaeologists of the OEAW are organizing relief efforts. A new donation account provides swift and unbureaucratic help to those affected. With your donation we want to support our colleagues with necessities like clothing, work aids (laptops, work clothes, etc.), housing equipment, and help with the cost of medical services.

The OeAW also plans to offer the possibility of research and internship stays in Vienna to support our colleagues on multiple levels.