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In addition to the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, the Young Academy forms the third pillar of the Academy's learned society. Comprised of excellent junior researchers from all disciplines, the Young Academy also strengthens innovative research, optimizes research conditions and promotes young scientists. The Young Academy has comprehensive participation rights.


The members of the Young Academy are up to 70 younger, already established junior scientists who have received important research-promoting awards and fellowships. They are elected by the Young Academy and confirmed by the Academy as a whole. Membership in the Young Academy lasts for eight years. The board of directors is the head of the Young Academy and consists of five board members who are elected annually.


The Young Academy is committed to creating work and research conditions that make career paths possible at a very high international level. Moreover, it supports the advancement of women, gender mainstreaming and diversity management. Its strategic goals are the promotion of interdisciplinary research and the identification of innovative research fields. The work of the Young Academy is performed in jour fixes, which are held on a regular basis; it hosts thematic workshops and organizes other mostly interdisciplinary events.

Further information in the Young Academy Brochure