Shuguang Zhang , Ph. D.

Shuguang Zhang

Corresponding Member of the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences abroad since 2010

  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) - Media Laboratory




Research Areas:

  • Biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Proteindesign
  • Membranproteindesign



Selected Memberships:

  • American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering
  • US National Academy of Inventors
  • European Academy of Science and Arts
  • Protein Society
  • Erwin Schrodinger Society

Selected Prizes:

  • R&D 100 award
  • John Simon Guggenheim Fellow
  • 2020 Emil Thomas Kaiser Award from the Protein Society
  • Wilhelm Exner Medaille des Österreichischen Gewerbevereins

Selected Publications:

  • Zhang, S. & Egli, M. (2022) The secret life of the alpha-helix. Quarterly Review of Biophysics (QRB) 55. 55EB6C1845791F987565FC5BE93715C4.
  • Smorodina, E., Tao, F., Qing, R., Jin, D., Yang, S. & Shuguang Zhang (2022) Comparing 2 crystal structures and 12 AlphaFold2 predicted human membrane glucose transporters and their water-soluble QTY variants. QRB Discovery 3, e5, 1-11.
  • Qing, R., Han, Q., Fei, T., Skuhersky, M., Badr, M., Chung, H., Schubert, T., & Zhang, S. (2019) QTY code designed thermostable and water-soluble chimeric chemokine receptors with tunable ligand-binding activities. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 116 (51) 25668-25676.
  • Zhang, S., Tao, F., Qing, R., Tang, H., Skuhersky, M., Corin, K., Tegler, L., Wassie, A., Wassie, B., Kwon, Y., Suter, B., Schubert, T., Yang, G., Labahn, J., Kubicek J., & Maertens, B. (2018) QTY code enables design of detergent-free chemokine receptors that retain ligand-binding activities. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 115 (37) E8652-E8659.
  • Zhang, S. (2003) Fabrication of novel materials through molecular self-assembly. Nature Biotechnology 21, 1171-1178.