Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Kurt Zatloukal

Kurt Zatloukal

Corresponding Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences in Austria since 2002

  • Institut für Pathologie, Medizinische Universität Graz


Research Areas:

  • Medical-Theoretical Sciences, Pharmacy
  • Molecular pathology
  • Human genetics
  • Cell biology
  • General pathology
  • Genetic engineering



Selected Prizes:

  • ISBER Award for Outstanding Achievement in Biobanking
  • Honorary Professor of the University of Dundee
  • Alois Sonnleitner-Preis der ÖAW
  • Best of Biotech Prize
  • Sandoz-Preis für Medizin

Selected Publications:

  • Min, L.; Ji, Y.; Bakiri, L.; Qiu, Z.; Cen, J. et al. [..] (2012) Liver cancer initiation is controlled by AP-1 through SIRT6-dependent inhibition of survivin. Nature Cell Biology, Bd. 14 (11), S. 1203-1211.
  • Wichmann, H. E.; Kuhn, K. A.; Waldenberger, M.; Schmelcher, D.; Schuffenhauer, S. et al. [..] (online: 2011 Comprehensive catalog of European biobanks. Nature Biotechnology, Bd. 29 (9), S. 795-797.
  • Mahajan, V.; Klingstedt, T.; Simon, R.; Nilsson, K. P.; Thueringer, A. et al. [..] (2011) Cross β-sheet conformation of keratin 8 is a specific feature of Mallory-Denk bodies compared with other hepatocyte inclusions. Gastroenterology, Bd. 141 (3), S. 1080-1090.
  • Haybaeck, J.; Zeller, N.; Wolf, M. J.; Weber, A.; Wagner, U. et al. [..] (2009) A lymphotoxin-driven pathway to hepatocellular carcinoma. Cancer Cell, Bd. 16 (4), S. 295-308.
  • Zatloukal, K.; Schneeberger, A.; Berger, M.; Schmidt, W.; Koszik, F. et al. [..] (1995) Elicitation of a systemic and protective anti-melanoma immune response by an IL-2-based vaccine. Assessment of critical cellular and molecular parameters. Journal of Immunology, Bd. 154 (7), S. 3406-3419.