John Haldon , M.A. Ph. D.

John Haldon

Corresponding Member of the Division of Humanities and the Social Sciences abroad since 2010

  • History Department, Princeton University


Research Areas:

  • History, Archaeology
  • Ancient history
  • Archaeology
  • European history
  • Byzantine studies



Selected Memberships:

  • Association internationale des Études Byzantines
  • Beirat des Wissenschaftscampus Mainz
  • Byzantine Studies Association of North America
  • Association of British Byzantine Studies
  • American Archaeological Association
  • Fellow of the British Academy

Selected Prizes:

  • PROSE award for excellence in the humanities
  • PROSE award for European and world history

Selected Publications:

  • Haldon, John (2014) A critical commentary on the Taktika of Leo VI. In Reihe: Dumbarton Oaks studies, 44; Washington: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection (581 Seiten).
  • Brubaker, Leslie; Haldon, John (2011) Byzantium in the iconoclast era, 680-850. A history.; Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press (918 Seiten).
  • Haldon, John (1997) Byzantium in the Seventh Century: the Transformation of a Culture., 2. überarb. Aufl.; Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press (492 Seiten).
  • Haldon, John (1996) Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Three Treatises on Imperial Military Expeditions. Introduction, text, translation, commentary. In Reihe: Corpus fontium historiae Byzantinae, 28: Series Vindobonensis; Wien: Verlag der ÖAW (342 Seiten).