Prof. Dr.

Manfred Einsiedler

Manfred Einsiedler

Corresponding Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences abroad since 2010

  • Department Mathematik, ETH Zürich


Research Areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Analysis
  • Number theory



Selected Publications:

  • Einsiedler, Manfred; Ward, Thomas (2011) Ergodic theory with a view towards number theory. In Reihe: Graduate Texts in Mathematics, 259; London: Springer (481 Seiten).
  • Einsiedler, Manfred; Lindenstrauss, Elon; Michel, Philippe; Venkatesh, Akshay (2011) Distribution of periodic torus orbits and Duke’s theorem for cubic fields. Annals of Mathematics, Bd. 173 (2), S. 815-885.
  • Einsiedler, M.; Margulis, G.; Venkatesh, A. (2009) Effective equidistribution for closed orbits of semisimple groups on homogeneous spaces. Inventiones Mathematicae, Bd. 177 (1), S. 137-212.
  • Einsiedler, M.; Katok, A.; Lindenstrauss, E. (2006) Invariant measures and the set of exceptions to Littlewood’s conjecture. Annals of Mathematics, Bd. 164 (2), S. 513-560.