Doz. tit. ao. Prof. Hon.-Prof. Dr. phil. Dr. h. c.

Friedrich Dorner

Friedrich Dorner

Full Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences since 2000

  • Baxter BioScience


Research Areas:

  • Medical Biotechnology
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology

Selected Prizes:

  • Österreichischer Hygiene-Preis
  • John Collier Jr. Award of the Society for Visual Anthropology
  • Großes Goldenes Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um die Republik Österreich
  • Großes Goldenes Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um das Land Niederösterreich

Selected Publications:

  • Kistner, O.; Barrett, N.; Brühmann, A.; Reiter, M.; Mundt, W. et al. [..] (2007) The preclinical testing of a formaldehyde inactivated Ross River virus vaccine designed for use in humans. Vaccine, Bd. 25/25, S. 4845-4852.
  • Riedel, N.; Dorner, F. (2005) A New Technology Standard for Safety and Efficacy in Factor VIII Replacement Therapy : Designing and Advanced Category rfVIII Concentrate. Modern Biopharmaceuticals, Bd. 2, S. 419-449.
  • Völkel, D.; Zimmermann, K.; Breitwieser, A.; Pable, S.; Glatzel, M. et al. [..] (2003) Immunochemical detection of prion protein on dipsticks prepared with crystalline bacterial cell-surface layers. Transfusion, Bd. 43, S. 1677-1682.
  • Dorner, F.; Plotkin, S. A.; Orenstein, W. A. (1999) Vaccines., 3. Aufl.; Philadelphia: Saunders (1230 Seiten).