o. Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Dr. rer. nat.

Joachim Burgdörfer

Joachim Burgdörfer

Full Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences since 2005

  • Institute for Theoretical Physics TU Wien


Research Areas:

  • Physics, Astronomy
  • Theoretical physics
  • Atomic physics
  • Laser physics
  • Condensed matter
  • Quantum mechanics



Selected Memberships:

  • Ungarische Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • American Physical Society
  • Roland Eötvös Physical Society

Selected Publications:

  • Schultze, M.; Fieß, M.; Karpowicz, N.; Gagnon, J.; Korbman, M. et al. [..] (2010) Delay in photoemission. Science, Bd. 328 (1658).
  • Apolonski, A.; Dombi, P.; Paulus, G. G.; Kakehata, M.; Holzwarth, R. et al. [..] (2004) Observation of light-phase-sensitive photoemission from a metal surface. Physical Review Letters, Bd. 92 (073902).
  • Rotter, S.; Tang, J.; Wirtz, L.; Trost, J.; Burgdörfer, J. (2000) A modular recursive Green's function method for ballistic quantum transport. Physical Review B, Bd. 62 (1950).
  • Burgdörfer, J.; Lerner, P.; Meyer, F. (1991) Above-surface neutralization of highly-charged ions: the classical over-the-barrier model. Physical Review A, Bd. 44 (5674).
  • Burgdörfer, Joachim (1983) Group-theoretical classification of angular momentum coherences in Hydrogen. Zeitschrift für Physik A, Bd. 309, S. 285-292.