Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.

Günter Blöschl

Günter Blöschl

Full Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences since 2019

  • Institut für Wasserbau und Ingenieurhydrologie, Technische Universität Wien


Research Areas:

  • Environmental Engineering, Applied Geosciences
  • Hydrology
  • Water resources
  • Natural hazards
  • Water management
  • Hydraulic engineering



Selected Memberships:

  • acatech - Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften
  • American Geophysical Union
  • European Geosciences Union
  • Danish Council for Strategic Research

Selected Prizes:

  • ERC Advanced Grant
  • Robert E. Horton Medal of the American Geophysical Union
  • International Hydrology Prize
  • Helmholtz International Fellow Award
  • Boussinesq Lecturer at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Selected Publications:

  • Blöschl, G. et al. (2017) Changing climate shifts timing of Europoean floods. Science, Bd. 357 (6351), S. 588-590.
  • Blöschl, G. et al. (2016) The Hydrological Open Air Laboratory (HOAL) in Petzenkirchen: a hypothesis-driven observatory. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Bd. 20, S. 227-255.
  • Sivapalan, M und Blöschl, G. (2015) Time scale interactions and the coevolution of humans and water. Water Resources Research, Bd. 51, S. 6988-7022.
  • Hall, J. et al. und Blöschl, G. (2014) Understanding Flood Regime Changes in Europe: A state of the art assessment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Bd. 18, S. 2735-2772.
  • Blöschl, G.; Sivapalan, M. (1995) Scale issues in hydrological modelling - a review. Hydrological processes, Bd. 9, S. 251-290.