Prof. Dr.

Manuela Baccarini

Manuela Baccarini

Corresponding Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences in Austria since 2010

  • Max F. Perutz Laboratories


Research Areas:

  • Biology
  • Cell biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Cancer research



Selected Memberships:

  • European Molecular Biology Organization EMBO

Selected Prizes:

  • Fellowship der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung
  • Fellowhip des National Cancer Institute New York

Selected Publications:

  • Zmajkovicova, K.; Jesenberger, V.; Catalanotti, F.; Baumgartner, C.; Reyes, G. et al. [..] (2013) MEK1 is Required for PTEN Membrane Recruitment, AKT Regulation, and the Maintenance of Peripheral Tolerance. Molecular Cell, Bd. 50, S. 43-55.
  • Wimmer, R.; Cseh, B.; Maier, B.; Scherrer, K.; Baccarini, M. (2012) Angiogenic sprouting requires the fine tuning of endothelial cell cohesion by the Raf-1/Rok-alpha complex. Developmental Cell, Bd. 22, S. 158-171.
  • Catalanotti, F.; Reyes, G. X.; Jesenberger, V.; Galabova-Kovacs, G.; De Matos-Simoes, R. et al. [..] (2009) A MEK1-MEK2 heterodimer determines the strength and duration of the ERK signal. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Bd. 16, S. 294-303.
  • Niault, T.; Sobczak, I.; Meissl, K.; Weitsman, G.; Piazzolla, D. et al. [..] (2009) From Autoinhibition to Inhibition in Trans: the Raf-1 Regulatory Domain Inhibits Rok-alpha Kinase Activity. Journal of Cell Biology, Bd. 187, S. 335-342.
  • Ehrenreiter, K.; Kern, F.; Velamoor, V.; Meissl, K.; Galabova-Kovacs, G. et al. [..] (2009) Raf-1 addiction in Ras-driven skin carcinogenesis. Cancer Cell, Bd. 16, S. 149-160.