Ass. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. rer. nat.

Alice Auersperg

Alice Auersperg

Member of the Young Academy since 2021




Research Areas:

  • Biology
  • Animal ecology
  • Behavioural biology
  • Developmental psychology
  • Cognitive science





Selected Memberships:

  • The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
  • Die Ethological Gesellschaft
  • The Comparative Cognition Society.

Selected Prizes:

  • START Preis des FWF
  • WWTF Cognitive Science Projeect
  • FWF Einzelprojekte
  • Scientist of the Year Award (Drittmittel) Vetmeduni Vienna
  • Erwin Schrödinger Stipendium des FWF

Selected Publications:

  • Biology Letters. 12, 20160689 (2016) Goffin's cockatoos make the same tool type from different materials. Auersperg, A.M.I., Borasinski, S., Laumer, I, Kacelnik, K. Citations 32.
  • Plos ONE 8(7) e68979(2013) Explorative learning and functional inferences on a five-step means-meansend problem in Goffin’s cockatoos (Cacatua goffini) Auersperg, A.M.I., Kacelnik, K, von Bayern, A.M.P..
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series B. 281(1793) 20140972. (2014) Social Transmission ofTool Use in the Goffins cockatoo. Auersperg, A.M.I, von Bayern, A.M.P., Weber, S., Szapari, A., Bugnyar, T., Kacelnik, A..
  • Current Biology. 22(21): 903 - R904 (2012) Spontaneous innovation of tool manufacture and use in a Goffin’s cockatoo. Auersperg, A.M.I., Szabo, B. von Bayern, A.M.P., Kacelnik, ..
  • PLoS ONE 6(6): e20231. (2011) Flexibility in problem solving and tool use of kea and New Caledonian crows in a Multi Access Box paradigm. Auersperg, A.M.I., von Bayern, A.M.P., Gajdon, G.K., Huber, L., Kacelnik, A..