Media Accountability & Media Change
The research group “media accountability and media change” analyses the actions of multiple players that are concerned with the structural preconditions of a transforming global media landscape: How do recent digitization processes impact on journalistic performance in the newsroom? What do these developments mean from an ethical perspective? How can journalists as well as media managers and policy makers contribute to safeguarding a free and pluralistic media landscape? How do instruments of media regulation and accountability vary at the international level?

Media, Politics & Democracy
The research group “Media, Politics & Democracy” is concerned with the structures, actors, contents, and effects of political communication both from a longitudinal and an international perspective. Do the media provide the information people need to become aware of problems, to participate in public discourse, and to act responsible? Do changing notions of democracy and citizenship have an impact on the functions the media are expected to fulfill? How do changes in communication technologies and media markets affect the relationships between media and politics? Who has the ability to influence which issues make it on the media and political agenda? Do the expanding online social networks foster new forms of civic engagement, and, particularly, enhance participation in agenda-building processes, which can be considered as important prerequisites for the stability of the democratic system across social change?