Bilge Yıldız , PhD

Bilge Yıldız

Korrespondierendes Mitglied der mathematisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Klasse im Ausland seit 2023

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology





  • Physik, Astronomie
  • Chemische Physik
  • Materialphysik
  • Elektrochemie
  • Materialchemie

Zur Person:




Ausgewählte Mitgliedschaften:

  • Fellow of the American Physical Society
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Life Member of the Electrochemical Society
  • Member of the Materials Research Society
  • Member of the International Society of Solid State Ionics

Ausgewählte Preise und Auszeichnungen:

  • Rahmi M. Koc Medal of Science, 2022
  • Charles W. Tobias Young Investigator Award of the Electrochemical Society, 2012
  • CAREER Award, National Science Foundation, 2012
  • Ross Coffin Purdy Award of the American Ceramic Society, for the best paper in the field of ceramics, 2018
  • Somiya Award for International Collaboration, International Union of Materials Research Society, 2012

Ausgewählte Publikationen:

  • Mantao Huang, Miranda Schwacke, Murat Onen, Jesús del Alamo, Ju Li, Bilge Yildiz, “Electrochemical Ionic Synapses: Progress and Perspectives” Advanced Materials, 2205169, 2022.
  • Yao, K. Klyukin, W. Lu, M. Onen, S. Ryu, D. Kim, N. Emond, I. Waluyo, A. Hunt, J. A. del Alamo, J. Li, and B. Yildiz, “Protonic Solid-State Electrochemical Synapse for Physical Neural Networks” Nature Communications, 11, 3134, 2020.
  • N. Tsvetkov, Q. Lu, L. Sun, E. Crumlin, B. Yildiz, "Improved Chemical and Electrochemical Stability on Perovskite Oxides by Less Reducible Cations at the Surface", Nature Materials, 15, 1010, 2016.
  • B. Yildiz, “ ‘Stretching’ the Energy Landscape of Oxides Inspired from Metals and Polymers: Effects of Elastic Strain on Surface Chemistry and Catalysis”, Materials Research Society Bulletin, issue on Elastic Strain Engineering, 39 2, 147-156, 2014.
  • W. Lee, J. W. Han, Y. Chen, Z. Cai, and B. Yildiz, “Cation Size Mismatch and Charge Interactions Drive Dopant Segregation at the Surfaces of Manganite Perovskites”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 21, 7909–7925, 2013.