Ass. Prof. Dr.

Edouard Hannezo

Edouard Hannezo

Mitglied der Jungen Akademie seit 2022

  • Institute of Science and Technology Austria





  • Biologie
  • Biophysik
  • Statistische Physik
  • Entwicklungsbiologie
  • Stammzellenforschung
  • Zellbiologie

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Ausgewählte Mitgliedschaften:

  • EMBO – Young Investigator
  • Austrian Physical Society: OePG
  • French Society of Developmental Biology

Ausgewählte Preise und Auszeichnungen:

  • ERC Starting Grant (2019)
  • EMBO Young Investigator Award (2019)
  • FWF Standalone Grant (2018)
  • Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship (Wellcome Trust - 4 years stipendary fellowship, 2015)
  • Junior Research Fellowship (Trinity College, Cambridge - 4 years stipendary fellowship, 2015)

Ausgewählte Publikationen:

  • Theory of branching morphogenesis by local interactions and global guidance, M. Can Ucar, D. Kamenev, R. Sunadome, D. Fachet, .., S. Hadjab and E. Hannezo Nat, Comm, 12, 6830 (2021).
  • Rigidity percolation uncovers the structural basis of embryonic tissue phase transition. N. Petridou, B. Corominas-Murtra, C.P. Heisenberg and E. Hannezo, Cell, 184(7):1914-1928, (2021).
  • Theory of mechano-chemical patterning and optimal migration in cell monolayers. D. Boocock, N. Hino, N. Ruzickova, T. Hirashima and E. Hannezo, Nat. Phys., 17, 267-274 (2020).
  • Stem cell lineage survival as a noisy competition for niche access. B. Corominas-Murtra, C. Scheele, K. Kishi, B.D.Simons, J. Van Rheenen and E. Hannezo, PNAS, 117 (29), 16969-16975 (2020).
  • A unifying theory of branching morphogenesis. E. Hannezo, C. Scheele, M. Moad, N. Drogo,R. Heer, R. Sampogna, J. Van Rheenen and B.D. Simons, Cell, 171(1), 242-255, (2017).