Do, 23.05.2024 14:00

Seminar: Plasma and Magnetospheric interactions at the Galilean Moons

Martin Volwerk (IWF Graz, Weltraumplasmaphysik) will talk about the ongoing research on Jupiter's moons with focus on results from Galileo and JUNO as well as an outlook for JUICE and Europa Clipper.

Deep embedded in the fast-rotating Jovian magnetosphere are the four Galilean moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. These moons interact with the strong magnetic field of Jupiter and with the magnetospheric plasma, which is mainly coming from the volcanic activity of Io. In this presentation we will take a look at the different interactions that the moons have with the magnetic field and the plasma of the Jovian magnetosphere. Alfvénic interactions like the Alfvén wings and the creation of aurora; sputtering from the surface by ion impact; waves created by ion pick-up; field line resonances at Ganymede and induction processes in the three icy moons (or is there also induction at Io?).

Results from the Galileo and JUNO missions will be shown and an outlook for the JUICE and Europa Clipper mission will be given.



IWF Seminar series

Martin Volwerk

23 May 2024, 2 pm

U.d.6  in-person