Do, 01.06.2023 16:00

Colloquium: The structure of molecular inner disks and winds from infrared spectroscopy

Prof. Andrea Banzatti, Texas State University, USA, will talk about infrared molecular spectroscopy of protoplanetary disks and conclusions about planet formation

I will review the status of infrared spectroscopy of molecules in planet-forming (Class II) disks from 20 years of data from ground- and space-based observatories, including what we are now learning from the very first JWST spectra. I will discuss multiple science angles from studying different kinematic components that trace gas in inner disks and winds at 0.01-10 au: their physical and chemical structure, kinematics, excitation, and evolution. I will briefly present, an online database of 1000+ infrared spectra from 7 spectrographs that is now available to the community in support of observing and modeling efforts worldwide. I will outline how the synergy of multiple molecular and atomic tracers is paving the way to a comprehensive view of gas evolution in inner planet-forming disks, and the new picture that is emerging.



IWF Colloquium series

Prof. Andrea Banzatti

1.6.2023, 16.00 Uhr

online (zoom)