Project Leader: Jürgen Eckert

The project “Intelhyb” is supported by an ERC Advanced Grant allowing exceptional, ground-breaking, high-risk research that opens new directions in the research field of the Erich Schmid Institute of the Austrian Academy of Science.

Intelhyb will focus on the design of ground-breaking tailored metallic materials based on intelligent hybrid structures allowing property as well as function optimization. Project aim is the combination of two characteristics: being highly ductile whilst keeping their strength.

The result enables metallic materials to be used in further applications like light-weight structures and biomedical materials as implants or stents. Their improved thermal stability and creep resistance of high-temperature alloys allows the use in turbine engines or power plants for energy conversion. Furthermore, as the formed component does not shrink when cooling down, metallic materials find its way into high performance functional applications like biosensors, MEMS/NEMS devices and low-loss transformers.