With the Olympus LEXT OLS4100 laser scanning digital microscope non-contact 3D observations and measurements of surface features at 10 nanometer resolutions are easy to produce. The OLS4100 industrial microscope has distinctive features for fast image acquisition and high-resolution microscope images over a wider area.” (from https://www.olympus-ims.com/en/metrology/ols4100/ )



  • Objective Lens Magnification: 5x to 100x
  • Laser 3D image Magnifications: 20X to 100X
  • Digital Magnification: 1 to 8x
  • Total Magnification capability: 5x to 17,280x
  • Color Imaging Mode: White LED Light
  • Laser Imaging Mode: 405 nm Laser (violet), Photomultiplier Detector
  • Minimum Z-Resolution: 10 nm
  • Minimum XY-Resolution: 120 nm



  • Optical, laser and 3D-images
  • Stitching mode
  • Image correction in software available
  • Software includes data analysis (thickness, profiles, roughness, particle analysis)
  • Differential image contrast (DIC)  enhance contrast with a prism for optical images
  • High resolution mode (4K)