Project leader: Daniel Kiener


The ideal structural material should excel in strength and toughness. Strength describes the capability of a defect free component to carry load during operation, while toughness defines the load-bearing capability and ductility in the presence of a crack. For an energy-efficient and safe design, both quantities should be simultaneously high. Unfortunately, they are mutually exclusive, rendering their combination a Holy Grail in materials science. The reason for this incompatibility is rooted in the inverse strength-ductility paradigm. Focussing on metals, the strength is enhanced via microstructure refinement to the nanometer scale, but ductility and damage tolerance simultaneously drop dramatically. Safety-related or highly stressed components are thus made from rather soft metals, indicating tremendous economic impact conceivable. The objective of this project is to design new bulk materials that uniquely combine high strength and toughness. Severe plastic deformation will be employed to create novel nanostructured bulk metals and nanocomposites, utilizing atomistically informed alloy and interface design to promote plastic deformation. The largely unknown nanoscale processes that limit fracture toughness of nanostructured materials will for the first time be directly identified by quantitative nanomechanical fracture experiments performed in-situ in high resolution electron microscopes. Correlation of these unique insights with ab-initio calculations and energy-based elastic-plastic fracture mechanics computations will guide paths for further improvement of the fracture resistance. By combining a versatile synthesis technique with highly advanced in-situ nanomechanical testing permitting unique atomistic-level insights into nanoscale fracture processes and a scale-bridging modelling approach, new mechanism-based strategies to tailor innovative nanostructured metals and composites with unprecedented strength and toughness will be established.

Current Group Members

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Research and technological achievements

  • Synthesis of grain boundary engineered powder-based W and W-Cu composites.
  • Theoretical mechanism-based model describing the temperature- and rate-dependent deformation behavior of nc bcc metals.
  • Grain boundary doping for nc W and W-Cu nanocomposites with C and B.
  • Determining the role of the substitutional alloying elements Re and Hf on nc W.
  • Experimental scheme linking macroscopic fracture properties to atomistic crack tip processes.
  • Studied confinement effects on metallic glasses and their relation to the respective fracture properties.
  • Synthesis of amorphous grain boundary phases to strengthen the softer copper phase using again the powder-based severe plastic deformation route.

Novel methodologies

  • Powder-based synthesis route using severe plastic deformation.
  • Reverse-phase dissolution to process an extremely strong nanocrystalline W nanofoam.
  • Capability to test specific interfaces in SEM and TEM.
  • Computer vision for tracking crack propagation in a semi-automated manner.
  • Continuously determine current crack lengths from the actual stiffness of a miniaturized fracture specimen.
  • Studied confinement effects on metallic glasses and their relation to the respective fracture properties.
  • Synthesis of amorphous grain boundary phases to strengthen the softer copper phase using again the powder-based severe plastic deformation route.



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This project was funded by the European Research Council (ERC) (grant agreement no.: 771146)

Project duration

01.05.2018 - 30.04.2024


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Project Leader

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniel Kiener