Project leader: Daniel Kiener

The project “Failure of nano-structured high-strength tungsten fine wires” started mid-January 2023. It aims to examine and characterize the properties of high-strength tungsten based fine wires with a diameter smaller than 150 µm. Therefore, pure tungsten wire, as well as certain tungsten alloys are being investigated.

The main goal is to attain a better understanding of the microstructure governed failure and fatigue mechanisms of high-strength tungsten based fine wires. In this regard, we also want to obtain a better understanding of different strengthening mechanisms on the respective strengthening and failure behavior.

To achieve this correlative information, the microstructure of the fine wires is being determined by electron microscopy, and correlated in a first sense to the hardness. Furthermore, micro- and nano-scaled uniaxial deformation experiments are planned, as well as miniaturized cyclic crack growth experiments.

With the gained information our goal is to increase the strength and ductility of the materials, meanwhile preventing failure. The material is provided by and developed with our partner Plansee SE.

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Project duration:

01.2023 - 12.2025