Univ. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Eckert

Function: Director / Chair of Materials Physics of the University of Leoben
Room: 109
Phone: +43 (0) 3842-804-109




Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten in der Materialphysik, Materialphysik II, Forschungsarbeiten auf dem Gebiet der Materialphysik




  • Enhanced strength-ductility synergy in an ultra-strong copper alloy via coherent nanoprecipitates and stress-induced twinningJin K., J. Li, C. Li, Q. Lu, Z. Xu, Y. You, P. Gao, L. Liu, J. Yi, J. EckertMATER RES LETT12, 281-289 (2024)
  • Strength-toughness matching mechanisms of a boride-reinforced Ti6Al4V compositionally graded material fabricated using spark plasma sinteringChen Y., F. Li, Y. Liu, J. Yi, C. Li, J. Tao, R. Bao, J. EckertJ MATER RES TECHNOL29, 3063-3073 (2024)
  • Isotropic high-strength aluminum matrix composites reinforced by carbon nanotubes and intra-crystalline nanoparticlesLi C.J., J. Wang, X. Li, Z.Y. Xu, Y.Z. Peng, P. Gao, Q. Lu, J.M. Tao, J.H. Yi, J. EckertJ MATER RES TECHNOL29, 2781-2787 (2024)
  • High fatigue resistance in a titanium alloy via near-void-free 3D printingQu Z., Z. Zhang, R. Liu, L. Xu, Y. Zhang, X. Li, Z. Zhao, Q. Duan, S. Wang, S. Li, Y. Ma, X. Shao, R. Yang, J. Eckert, R.O. Ritchie, Z. ZhangNATURE626, 999-1004 (2024)
  • A rapid heat treatment for nanocrystallization of amorphous Fe75.1Cu1Nb1.5Si15.5B6.9 and Fe83Cu1Nb4B12 tape wound coresPlutta N., F. Spieckermann, C. Polak, M. Marsilius, M. Zehetbauer, J. EckertJ MAGN MAGN MATER592, ARTN 171797 (2024)
  • Anticorrosion and Antimicrobial Tannic Acid-Functionalized Ti-Metallic Glass Ribbons for Dental AbutmentYuce E., E. Sharifikolouei, M. Micusik, S. Ferraris, R. Rashidi, Z. Najmi, S. Gumrukcu, A. Scalia, A. Cochis, L. Rimondini, S. Spriano, M. Omastova, A.S. Sarac, J. Eckert, B. SaracACS APPLIED BIO MATERIALS7, 936-949 (2024)
  • Effect of mold temperature on the solidification process and microstructure of Zr-based metallic glasses during castingJin Z., C. Zhang, G. Cao, Z. Qiu, L. Zhang, H. Shen, S. Jiang, F. Cao, Y. Huang, M. Ma, R. Ramasamy, J. Eckert, J. Sun627, 122821 (2024)
  • Machine learning assisted design of high-entropy alloys with ultra-high microhardness and unexpected low densityZhao S., B. Jiang, K. Song, X. Liu, W. Wang, S. Si, J. Zhang, X. Chen, C. Zhou, P. Liu, D. Chen, Z. Zhang, P. Ramasamy, J. Tang, W. Lv, P. Konda Gokuldoss, D. Sopu, J. Eckert, 112634 (2024)
  • Influence of Mo micro-particles on crack formation, microstructure, and mechanical behaviour of laser powder bed fusion fabricated CuZrAl bulk metallic glass compositesWang P., Y. Lei, J. Ma, K. Song, L. Deng, Z. Liu, Z. Chen, X. Liu, P. Ramasamy, J. EckertVIRTUAL PHYS PROTOTY18, ARTN e2224307 (2023)
  • Hierarchical Surface Pattern on Ni-Free Ti-Based Bulk Metallic Glass to Control Cell InteractionsCai F.F., A. Blanquer, M.B. Costa, L. Schweiger, B. Sarac, A.L. Greer, J. Schroers, C. Teichert, C. Nogués, F. Spieckermann, J. EckertNano Micro small, 1-13 (2023)