tit. ao. Prof. Dr. phil.

Günther Kreil

Günther Kreil

Full Member of the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences since 1994

Deceased on 20/02/2015

Research Areas:

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology

Selected Memberships:

  • European Molecular Biology Organization EMBO
  • Academia Europaea

Selected Prizes:

  • Alois Sonnleitner-Preis der ÖAW
  • Ernst-Späth-Preis für Organische Chemie der ÖAW

Selected Publications:

  • Mollay, C.; Wechselberger, C.; Mignogna, G.; Negri, L.; Melchiorri, P. et al. [..] (1999) Bv8, a small protein from frog skin and its homologue from snake venom induce hyperalgesia in rats. European Journal of Pharmacology, Bd. 374, S. 189-196.
  • Gmachl, M.; Kreil, G. (1993) Bee venom hyaluronidase is homologous to a membrane protein of mammalian sperm. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), Bd. 90, S. 3569-3573.
  • Erspamer, V.; Melchiorri, P.; Falconieri-Erspamer, G.; Negri, L.; Corsi, M. R. et al. [..] (1989) Deltorphins - a family of naturally occurring peptides with high affinity and selectivity for delta-opioid binding sites. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), Bd. 86, S. 5188-5192.
  • Richter, K.; Egger, R.; Kreil, G. (1987) The D-Alanine in the frog skin peptide dermorphin is derived from an L-Alanine in the dermorphin precursor. Science, Bd. 238, S. 200-202.
  • Richter, K.; Kawashima, E.; Egger, R.; Kreil, G. (1983) Biosynthesis of Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone in skin of Xenopus laevis: Partial sequence of the precursor deduced from cloned cDNA. EMBO Journal, Bd. 3, S. 617-621.
  • Suchanek, G.; Kreil, G. (1977) Translation of melittin messenger RNA in vitro yields a product terminating with glutaminylglycine rather than with glutaminamide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA), Bd. 74, S. 975-978.