Covid-19 mitigation strategies and their local technological impacts: the case of the City of Vienna

The measures taken to mitigate Covid-19 are changing the environment in which technologies develop. Which technologies are experiencing a boost, which are being curbed, and how do these changes affect the city of Vienna? 

The measures to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated reduction in person-to-person contacts affect many areas, including technology. In terms of specific technological innovations, the current global collaboration between medical researchers in the production of a Covid-19 vaccine is unique in terms of intensity and scope. Working from home as a social isolation measure increases the dependence on digital technologies and poses new challenges to work processes and infrastructures, such as public transport. Monitoring apps have also been introduced in some states, with varying degrees of interference with privacy or civil liberties.

The City of Vienna’s responses to the Covid-19 pandemic are deeply embedded in the local economy, society and government policies and processes. In the course of the COVPOL project, an empirical overview of the most important technological consequences of strategies to contain Covid-19 at the territorial level in Vienna, as well as their economic, social aspects is given.