Potentials, actors and research needs for Austria

Digital infrastructures now play a central role in the economy, but also in our private and professional activities. This study for the Austrian Parliament will shed light on how cybersecurity is designed and implemented in Austria and what new opportunities may arise at the global level.

Advancing digitalisation, networking and automation of many areas of society – from transport to supply, from the production of goods to the service industry – increases the risk of being exposed to cyber threats. In order to effectively counter them, a variety of initiatives are being pursued, especially at the European level. These include i.e. certifications for systems and products, infrastructures for Digital Autonomy or the Cyber Security Agency.

The challenge is no longer to develop cybersecurity by a few actors in government, science and business alone, but to shape it with the involvement of various disciplines and expertise in multi-stakeholder processes. This in turn results in new research needs, education and training challenges, but also new opportunities for Austrian providers of cybersecurity technologies and services to bring these solutions to global markets.

This study, conducted by the AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology together with the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, aims to identify Austrian actors and activities and to classify their potential within the European framework. The aim is to identify possible fields of action for the Austrian Parliament and to recommend further steps.

Final report of the study (German language)



Conference Papers/Speeches

Conference Papers/Speeches


06/2021 – 12/2021

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