Development of a software for quality assurance in 24-hour care

In addition to the need for professional and institutional health and nursing care, the demand for 24-hour care is increasing. With over 60,000 people using this service Austria, it is an important alternative to family care and mobile care. The project "24h QuAAlity" develops a distributed software solution for support and quality assurance for caregivers. 

The goal of the project, which is carried out by the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna, is to develop and evaluate a client-server based software for quality assurance for caregivers. The software should give careregivers access to relevant information ( literature) and other supporting sources that help them to cope with critical situations within their periods of caring for persons 24/7.

The ITA will carry out a critical analysis of the development and potential consequences for differnt stakeholders and users of the distributed client server software on behalf of the FH Campus Wien, which was entrusted with the project.

How does the deployment affect the everyday life of the caregivers, the persons in charge or their relatives? How does it affect the companies that employ and provide the services of the caregivers? How are data protection standards implemented? What asymmetries are there from the point of view of different users? Furthermore, a well-founded assessment of the possible future social relevance of this health-related information and documentation technology is to be carried out.


12/2019 - 11/2021

Project Team