Risk governance of nanomaterials and advanced materials

Nanomaterials and other innovative materials (advanced materials) offer interesting functions and application possibilities. They are therefore increasingly used in new products and in many different industries. However, the possible undesirable consequences also need to be carefully researched and assessed. NanoTrust-Advanced, the 6th phase of the long-term NanoTrust project, which has been running since 2007, plays an important role in this endeavor.

In Europe nanomaterials (NM) and advanced materials (AM) are considered to be so-called “key enabling technologies”, which should guarantee the competitiveness of the European economy for the coming decades. NanoTrust-Advanced examines the safety and risk-relevant aspects of Nanomaterials and advanced materials.

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Research results are published regularly in the established NanoTrust dossiers as well as in scientific journals. All current information on the project can be found on the newly designed NanoTrust webpage. The annual NanoTrust conference focuses on different topics.

A bridge between science and politics

Science-based policy advice, in which acquired knowledge serves as the primary starting point for qualified decisions, is of great importance. Since 2016, the NanoTrust team has been identifying possible research topics for the Austrian nano environment, health and safety research program (“Nano-EHS”) for which the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) is responsible. This research program represents the implementation of one of the main recommendations of the Austrian Nanotechnology Action Plan (ÖNAP) and is continuously adapted to current developments in this research area.

NanoTrust-Advanced also offers an independent discussion platform for ministries, public authorities and other actors active in nanosafety. This enables the exchange of views in an objective context. The NanoTrust-Advanced project leader André Gazsó is chairing the second term of the Nano Information Commission (NIK) for its duration until 2023, enabling the use of governance instruments developed on the basis of the Austrian Nanotechnology Action Plan for the structured exchange of knowledge and opinions. The team members of NanoTrust-Advanced also contribute to the working group for nano worker protection of the Austrian Workers’ Compensation Board (AUVA) and the standardization group "nanotechnology" of the Austrian standardization institute Austrian Standards. This permanent exchange of knowledge and experience, which takes place on many levels and in numerous committees, contributes to the safe and sustainable development of these new materials.

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