Summarizing table (Word file)

The information regrouped in the summarizing table is taken from the following sources:

L=lHan dkar catalogue

  • Frauwallner, Erich, Zu den buddhistischen Texten in der Zeit Khri-sroṅ-lde tsan’s, Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Süd- und Ostasiens 1 (1957) 95-103.
  • Herrmann-Pfandt, Adelheid, Die Lhan Kar Ma: Ein früher Katalog der ins Tibetische übersetzten buddhistischen Texte (Vienna, 2008).
  • Lalou, Marcelle, Les textes bouddhiques au temps du roi Khri-sroṅ-lde-bcan, Journal Asiatique 241/3 (1953) 315-353.

Ph=’Phang thang ma

  • Catalogue numbers taken from Hermann-Pfandt 2008 (see above).

C=bCom ldan ral gri (1227-1305)’s 1270 bsTan pa rgyas pa rgyan gyi nyi ’od

  • Schaeffer, Kurtis, and Leonard van der Kuijp, An Early Tibetan Survey of Buddhist Literature: The Bstan pa rgyas pa rgyan gyi nyi ’od of Bcom ldan ral gri (Cambridge, 2009).

U=dBus pa blo gsal rTsod pa’i seng ge (ca. 1270-1355)’s catalogue of a sNar thang bstan ’gyur

  • van der Kuijp, Leonard W.J., Fourteenth Century Tibetan Cultural History IV: The Tshad ma’i byung tshul ’chad nyan gyi rgyan: A Tibetan History of Indian Buddhist Pramāṇavāda, in: N. Balbir and J. Bautze (eds.), Festschrift Klaus Bruhn (Reinbek, 1994) 375-402. Pp. 390-392.

B=Bu ston Rin chen grub (1290-1364)’s 1335 catalogue

  • Nishioka, Soshū, Index to the Catalogue Section of Bu-ston’s “History of Buddhism,” Annual Report of the Institute for the Study of Cultural Exchange; The University of Tokyo (I) 4 (1980) 61-92; (II) 5 (1981) 43-94; (III) no. 6 (1983) 47-200.

D=sDe dge bstan ’gyur catalogue

  • Ui, Hakuji, et al. (eds.), A Complete Catalogue of the Tibetan Buddhist Canons (Bkaḥ-ḥgyur and Bstan-ḥgyur) (Sendai 1934).

P=Peking bstan ’gyur catalogue

  • D.T. Suzuki (ed.), The Tibetan Tripiṭaka, Peking Edition – kept in the Library of the Otani University, Kyoto (Tokoy-Kyoto 1955-1961).

Additional sources

  • Steinkellner, Ernst, and Michael Torsten Much, Texte der erkenntnistheoretischen Schule des Buddhismus: Systematische Übersicht über die buddhistische Sanskrit-Literatur II (Göttingen, 1995).
  • bCom ldan ral gri, Tshad ma byung tshul = phyi nang gi rtog ge tshad ma’i bstan bcos ji ltar byung ba’i tshul, in bKa’ gdams gsung ’bumphyogs sgrig thengs gsum pa. Ed. dByangs can lha mo, Padma tshul khrims, Rin chen tshe ring, bKra shis. dPal brtsegs bod yig dpe rnying zhib 'jug khang. Chengdu: Si khron mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 2009. Vol. 62, 775–780.

Other abbreviations in the table

  • Abb=Abbreviations
  • 1T-I=Indian translators during the earlier diffusion
  • 1T-T=Tibetan translator during the earlier diffusion
  • 2T-I=Indian translator during the later diffusion (exception: D4208, the translator in this column is Chinese)
  • 2T-T=Tibetan translator during the later diffusion
  • 2R=Subsequent reviser
  • Date=Approximate date of the first translation
  • ¨ indicates that the work is mentioned, but no catalogue number is available
  • * indicates a Sanskrit name or title reconstructed on the basis of the Tibetan
  • [] indicate works whose translation is listed as being “in progress”
  • <> indicate works referred to as “to be searched for”

Associated publication

Hugon, Pascale, The Tibetan Translation of the Indian Buddhist Epistemological Corpus. Medieval Worlds 11 (2020), pp. 187‒212. (The final publication is available at Medieval Worlds via