Attention: This page reflects the state of 2007. It is meant for documentary purposes and will not be updated any longer.

The Forum for Asian Philosophy was founded in 2005 at the 20th conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Philosophie (DGPhil). Since its beginning, the Forum has aimed at raising awareness of the philosophical importance of Asian traditions and integrating them into the European philosophical discourse. The methodical starting point is always a philosophical-oriented interpretation of texts; it is characterized as an amalgamation of philological text analysis with philosophical interpretation. All of the members of the Forum work in the field of Asian Studies (Indology, Japanology, Sinology) with the respective language skills and they also have degrees in philosophy.

Already in 2006 and 2007, the Forum for Asian Philosophy met for workshops. The topics of discussion were: "Methodological approaches in Asian philosophy in the example of language-ethics-subjectivity" (2006) and "subjectivity" (2007). The preliminary results of the first workshop were compiled as working papers and are available online: workshop website. The results of the second workshop were published in the 19th edition of the journal polylog: Zeitschrift für interkulturelles Philosophieren in 2008.

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