Attention: This page reflects the state of 2018. It is meant for documentary purposes and will not be updated any longer.

The project was based on the results of an earlier project involved in collecting and analyzing fragments of early Nyāya texts. It was continued as Fragments of Indian Philosophy II.

The following sub-projects are no longer being continued:

Fragments from Jaina texts

This sub-area of the project analyzed the fragments contained in the philosophical Sanskrit texts of the Jainas. However, the focus was on the analysis of the extant texts from lost works preserved in the writings of Vidyānandin, the author of Digambara.

Until now, the various forms of textual reference to other works of Vidyānandin in the context of literary theories of intertextuality have been analyzed and a typology of intertextual references has been presented at two Indological conferences (Matsumoto, August 2012, and Rome, Dezember 2012). Currently, the intertextual references in Vidyānandin's Pramāṇaparīkṣā and references to Vaiśeṣika's doctrine of salvation in the Tattvārthaślokavārttikālaṅkara and in the Aṣṭasaharī have been analyzed.

 Fragments from the works of Pāśupata

In the context of the religio-historical and literary-historical philological dissertation "Frühe Darstellungen des Pāśupata in der Kunstdichtung des Sanskrit und Prakrit", written by Christian Ferstl under the supervision of Prof. Karin C. Preisendanz (University of Vienna), texts of the Pāśupata tradition are to be worked into the database project. The dissertation provides new data on the history of Śivaism, which together with the literary methods of the respective poets are to be analyzed.

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