DAY 1 - Wednesday, May 03

DAY 1 - Wednesday, May 03  

 11:00   welcome & introduction

Session 1: Transcriptional control

11:15   Irinia Solovei (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)
Transcription shapes spatial organization of eukaryotic genes

11:45   Olivier Duss (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)
Tracking assembly and function of single active RNPs in real-time

12:15   coffee break

12:45   PD talk from abstract

13:05   Joanna Jachowicz (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology)
Short stories about long RNAs

13:35   lunch break

Session 2: RNA processing

14:35   Niels Gehring (University of Cologne)
Two-factor authentication and fingerprints: how cells detect defective mRNAs

15:05   PD talk from abstract

15:25   Florian Heyd (Freie Universität Berlin)
Body temperature-controlled alternative splicing: from basic to translational research

15:55   coffee break

16:25   PhD workshop pt.1

17:25   coffee break

17:55   Stefanie Jonas (ETH Zurich) [EMBO Young Investigator Lecture]
Basis of gene-specific transcription attenuation by the Integrator complex

18:25   Torben Heick-Jensen (Aarhus University)
Nuclear Sorting of RNA

18:55   PD talk from abstract

19:15   Symposium dinner & informal poster session


DAY 2 – Thursday, May 04

Session 3: RNA transport

09:00   Karsten Weis (ETH Zurich)

09:30   Marlene Oeffinger (Montreal Clinical Research Institute)
Nuclear mRNA metabolism drives selective basket assembly on a subset of nuclear pore complexes in S.cerevisae

10:00   PD talk from abstract

10:20   coffee break


Session 4: Small RNAs

10:50   Joshua Mendell (UT Southwestern Medical Center)
New functions and regulators of noncoding RNAs in mammals

11:10   PD talk from abstract

11:30   coffee break

12:00   Felipe Teixeira (University of Cambridge) [EMBO Young Investigator Lecture]


12:30   Ramesh Pillai (University of Geneva)
RNA modifications in control of mammalian gene expression

13:00   lunch break

14:00   PhD workshop pt.2

15:00   Poster session I

16:30   PhD workshop pt.3

17:30   end of meetings

Free evening for attendees

DAY 3 – Friday, May 05

Session 5: Development

09:00   Geraldine Seydoux (Johns Hopkins University)
Regulation of RNA granule assembly and function

09:30   PD talk from abstract

09:50   Nadine Vastenhouw (University of Lausanne)
The spark of life. Initiating transcription in embryos.

10:20   coffee break

10:50   Valérie Hilgers (Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics)
Non-coding RNAs drive cytoplasmic compartmentalization and neuronal function

11:20   PD talk from abstract

11:40   lunch break

12:40   Poster session II

Session 6: Translation control

14:10   Yiliang Ding (John Innes Centre)
RNA structure, a hidden regulator in living cells

14:40   PD talk from abstract

15:00   Axel Innis (Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie)
The ribosome: when RNA meets protein to sense small molecules

15:30   PhD award & closing remarks

16:00   Light bites & socializing