Mark your calendars for October 27th, 2023, and be prepared to embark on a journey of knowledge, inspiration, and celebration. We invite you to a special symposium dedicated to celebrating the 60th birthday of IMBA director Juergen Knoblich. The symposium features presentations by alumni from the Knoblich lab throughout the years. These alumni have forged their own paths and achieved significant milestones in both academia and industry.

This event promises to be a day of intellectual stimulation and fond memories as we bring together alumni, former and new colleagues.


Registration Details:

Attendance is free, but we kindly ask you to register online for this event.


Friday, October 27

09:00               Welcome reception               

09:30               Opening remarks                  

09:45               Silvia Bulgheresi - Cell biology of bacteria that live attached to the surface of animals

10:10               Matthias Schäfer - tRNA-Derived Small RNAs: Numbers, Molecular Interactions and Potential Use of a ‘Waste Product’          

10:35               Mark Petronczki - Research Beyond Borders – Expanding Boehringer Ingelheim’s Therapeutic Reach

11:00               coffee break      

11:30               Eva Hörmanseder - What memories are made of: The barriers to cell fate reprogramming      

11:55               Ralph Neumüller -  Many shots on a target and room for more: HER2 in cancer.

12:20               Ryan Conder - Recent Developments and Applications Using Intestinal Organoids

12:45               lunch break & group picture 

13:45               Yunli Xie - Cortical positioning of neural cells in brain development     

14:10               Elif Eroglu - Mechanisms of heart regeneration in salamanders 

14:35               coffee break              

15:05               Catarina Homem - Asynchronous transcription and translation as timers of neuronal maturation in Drosophila.       

15:30               Christopher Esk - Tissue-mediated growth control in cerebral organoids        

15:55               Lisa Landskron - Trimming the cytoskeleton – a genetic dissection of microtubule regulation          

16:20               coffee break           

16:50               Deniz Abdusselamoglu - From flies to mice: Stories of stem cells        

17:15               Dominik Lindenhofer - A multiomic scDNA-scRNA-seqtechnology to systematically characterize non-coding variants at scale   

17:40               Veronica Krenn - Immune signals & brain development: insights from human organoids      

18:05               Closing remarks                    

18:20               Networking with drinks & snacks