Vienna Networking Symposium on Single Cell Analysis in Biology and Medicine

Friday, November 29th, 2019 | 13:00 - 18:00

This meeting is part of the LifeTime Initiative (, a large Europe-wide activity to promote research and funding for single-cell technologies. The movement is coordinated by Nikolaus Rajewsky (MDC, Berlin) and Genevieve Almouzni (Institut Curie) and was originally aimed at starting a FET-Flagship network. Even after the end of the FET flagship program there are still very strong and plausible indications that the program will be funded by the EU and so we are continuing our efforts to unite the European community and define a roadmap for a Europe-wide single cell initiative.

As a part of this, we decided to coordinate the Austrian Single Cell Community and to invite Austrian researchers in that field for a networking meeting at the Vienna Biocenter (VBC).  

The symposium is planned as a networking meeting for Single Cell Researchers from all over Austria. Coffee breaks between the talk session offer opportunities for dialogues and discussion.

The event is open to everybody interested in these topics and free to attend. However, we kindly ask you to register with your full name and affiliation by writing an email to: lea.klement(at)

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Keynote lecture by Nikolaus Rajewsky (MDC Berlin)

Principles of Gene Regulation and Medical Applications by single-cell molecular analyses

Short talks:

Igor Adameyko (Medical University Vienna), Christoph Bock (CeMM), Christa Bücker (Max Perutz Labs), Frank Edenhofer (University of Innsbruck), Carl-Philipp Heisenberg (IST Austria), Simon Hippenmaier (IST Austria), Caroline Hutter (St. Anna CCRI), Jürgen Knoblich (IMBA), Gaia Novarino (IST Austria),  Elly Tanaka (IMP) & Ulrich Technau (University of Vienna)


Igor Adameyko (Medical University of Vienna)

Hemma Bauer (Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Research)

Christoph Bock (CeMM - Research Center for Molecular Medicine)

Frank Edenhofer (University of Innsbruck)

Juergen Knoblich (IMBA - Institute of Molecular Biotechnology)


The lectures will be held in the IMP lecture hall:

Campus-Vienna-Biocenter 1, 1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA