IMBA is committed to the success of its research groups. We provide strong administrative and scientific support that includes a broad array of cutting-edge services and facilities.

Core resources are managed by technical leaders who evaluate and implement a wide range of novel technologies, instrumentation, and techniques. These professional staff scientists also train users, help with experimental design, and disseminate expert knowledge. They tailor their expertise to individual research questions and are available at any stage of investigation.

IMBA scientists are not billed for core services, except for certain experiment-related consumables, so experiments can start almost immediately. Access to these world-class facilities allows IMBA scientists to rapidly generate, interpret and present compelling, high-quality data. This accelerates the pace of their research and gives them a competitive edge.

Below, you can find further information on the services and facilities available to IMBA Research Groups.

Core Facilities

Stem Cell Core Facility
  • Facilitate stem cell research
  • Cutting-edge stem cell technologies and services that are beyond the capacity of individual research groups
  • Available to researchers on site, across Austria and to the broader scientific community

Fly and Worm Facility
  • Research support for IMBA scientists working with fruit flies or nematode worms
  • Micro-injections to generate transgenic fly and worm stocks
  • Complete CRISPR genome editing service

  • Analysis of NGS and other large-scale data
  • Functional and structural characterization of proteins and genomic regions
  • Multi-omics data integration and functional gene-set analysis

  • Analytical flow cytometry and cell sorting
  • Large variety of microscopy techniques, image processing and analysis

Comparative Medicine
  • Provides husbandry of animals and services for the various research groups
  • Acknowledge and accept responsibility for the care and use of animals according to the highest ethical standards
  • Compliance with Austrian laboratory animal act 2012 as well as all relevant regulations and rules concerning laboratory animal husbandries

Molecular Biology Service
  • Sanger Sequencing, “Speed Congenics" service, preparation of competent cells of various E. coli strains, production of recombinant proteins and enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, routine mycoplasma testing service for tissue culture cells and plasmid prep in 96 well format
  • Instrumentation and expertise for lab automation and high-throughput methods

  • Support the use of graphic design programs
  • Help prepare figures, illustrations, presentations, animations, layout and much more

Max Perutz Library
  • Specialized reference library
  • Maintains and develops literature collections and information services in support of the present and future research and teaching needs
  • Provides a quiet and well-equipped study environment

Protein Chemistry
  • Protein identification, characterization of posttranslational modifications, protein quantitation and the respective data interpretation
  • Peptide synthesis and affinity purification of antibodies
Proteomics Tech Hub
  • Research on Mass Spectrometry & Protein Chemistry

Transgenic Core Facility
  • Exclusive use of in-house investigators
  • Production (and archiving) of genetically engineered mouse strains for animal model research


The Mechanical Engineering Center assists scientists in any hardware challenge: designing and building prototypes, robotics or any custom-made experimental setup that requires expert skills and professional tools to translate ideas into custom-made products in the service of discovery.

Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities

The Vienna BioCenter Core Facilities (VBCF) is a publicly funded non-profit research institute, located directly at the Vienna BioCenter. It offers access to state-of-the-art research infrastructure and scientific services to academic research institutions and companies in the field of Life Sciences. All Services are available to IMBA scientists as well as researchers at other Vienna BioCenter institutes.

Scientific Editing Support

Life Science Editors

Life Science Editors

Former academics specialised as professional editors of scientific journals