Aneliya Stoyanova

was a honorary associate and JESH-fellow.

Brief Biography

Aneliya Stoyanova obtained her Bachelor in History of the Balkan Region (2011), Master in European History and Diplomacy (2013) and Ph.D. in Balkan History (2020) from Sofia University. Her dissertation focuses on the dynastic factor in the Habsburg Eastern policy and explores the solidarity between the two branches of the Habsburg dynasty in their relations with the Ottomans in the second half of the 16th century. Aneliya Stoyanova was awarded a Richard Plaschka Scholarship (2015–2016) and a Ph.D. Scholarship of the Gerda Henkel Foundation (2018–2019) and has conducted several months of archival research in Austria and Spain. After her doctorate, she received a post-doctoral fellowship from the Center for Advanced Study Sofia (2020–2021) and worked on two scientific projects at Sofia University (2020–2022). Since March 2021 she has been employed as an assistant professor at the Institute for Historical Research at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Research Interests

Period: Early modern period
Area: Habsburg Monarchy, Ottoman Empire, Spain
Topics: Diplomacy, Habsburg-Ottoman relations, Early modern espionage, Dynastic history

Important Publications

  • The Benefits and Limits of Permanent Diplomacy: Two Foreign Attempts to Influence Ottoman-Spanish Relations in the Second Half of the Sixteenth Century. In: Markiewicz, C., Sowerby, T. (eds.), Diplomatic Cultures at the Ottoman Court, c.1500–1630. New York: Routledge. (Forthcoming: May 25, 2021). ISBN 9780367429324. eBook ISBN 9781003000211. DOI: https://doi.org/10.4324/9781003000211
  • The Dragomans of the Habsburg Embassy in Constantinople in the Second Half of the 16th Century: The Story of Matthias del Faro. In: Griffin, S., Harrington, J., O’Farrell, H. (eds.). History Studies Vol. 18, Limerick: University of Limerick, 2017, pp. 95–108.
  • Wien, Madrid und die habsburgisch-osmanischen Friedensverhandlungen in der zweiten Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts, In: Kastner, G., Roschitz, M. (Eds.). Jahrbuch für Mitteleuropäische Studien. Wien/Hamburg: New Academic Press, 2020. ISBN 978-3-7003-2201-6. pp. 11–29.
  • Exotic Precious “Magic” – Early Modern Bezoars and the Austrian Habsburg Court in the Second Half of the 16th century. In: M. Maeva, Y. Erolova, P. Stoyanova, M. Hristova, V. Ivanova (eds.). Between the Worlds: Magic, Miracles, and Mysticism. Vol. 2. Sofia: IEFSEM – BAS & Paradigma, pp. 488–500.