The Digital Landscape Group is a research and development team dedicated to revolutionizing digital landscape analysis across various terrains, with a particular focus on mountainous regions. Our expertise in different branches of data science, such as geostatistics, machine learning, and uncertainty quantification, allows us to efficiently leverage the power of remote sensing data, create robust models of complex systems, and provide valuable insights into the dynamics of challenging landscapes.

Our team is constantly expanding the boundaries of what is possible with the latest and most innovative technologies, including those in machine learning, high-performance computing, and cloud computing. We take pride in our extensive knowledge of geostatistics and uncertainty quantification, enabling us to analyze and interpret intricate datasets from around the globe. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, we ensure that our models accurately represent the dynamics of the landscapes we study, while also accounting for potential sources of error or uncertainty.

Our cutting-edge approaches to data analysis have allowed us to uncover new insights into the natural world, including the effects of climate change on various landscapes. We continuously challenge ourselves to explore new frontiers in research, studying diverse topics such as frozen lakes, vegetation, and long-term trends, all within the context of climate change and beyond. We are committed to using our expertise to reshape the understanding and management of diverse regions, from local mountainous areas to those on a global scale, ensuring their preservation for future generations.

Interactive Map of Greening and Snow Loss Patterns in the European Alps (DOI: 10.1126/science.abn6697)