Interdisciplinary cultural ethology conference in Matrei in Osttirol

Duration: 2015–

Scientific head: Oliver Bender

Matreier TALKS Website


In 1972 Otto Koenig initiated the Matreier Gespräche to promote research in cultural ethology. The interdisciplinary event has been held in Matrei in Osttirol each December since 1976. It provides a platform for researchers from disciplines as diverse as physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, history, cultural sciences, musicology, education sciences, sociology, theology, ethnology, psychology and others, to give talks on selected themes and to discuss the cultural ethology implications.

In 2010 the IGF took on the editorship of the conference volume (O. Bender and S. Kanitscheider) and in 2015 O. Bender followed A. K. Treml as scientific director of the Matreier Gespräche.