Mathieu Gravey

Working Group Leader


Key research areas

Geoinformatics, remote sensing, geostatistics, machine learning

Selected publications



  • Schoedl, N. W., MacKie, E. J., Field, M. J., Stubbs, E. A., Zhang, A., Hibbs, M., & Gravey, M. (2023). A Python multiprocessing approach for fast geostatistical simulations of subglacial topography. Computing In Science &Amp; Engineering, 1-9.
  • Kalthof, M. W. M. L., Gravey, M., Wijnands, F., & Karssenberg, D. (2023). Predicting Continental Scale Malaria With Land Surface Water Predictors Based on Malaria Dispersal Mechanisms and High-Resolution Earth Observation Data. Geohealth, 7, e2023GH000811.
  • Cochard, R., Gravey, M., Rasera, L. G., Mariethoz, G., & Kull, C. A. (2023). The nature of a 'forest transition' in Thừa Thiên Huế Province, Central Vietnam – A study of land cover changes over five decades. Land Use Policy, 134, 106887.
  • Gravey, M., & Mariethoz, G. (2023). AutoQS v1: automatic parametrization of QuickSampling based on training images analysis. Geoscientific Model Development, 5265–5279.
  • Panchard, T., Broennimann, O., Gravey, M., Mariethoz, G., & Guisan, A. (2023). Snow cover persistence as a useful predictor of alpine plant distributions. Journal Of Biogeography, 1-14.
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