Ski touring control in Sellrain

Long-term evaluation of measures and effects of ski touring controlling measures in the Sellrain valley


Austrian Alpine Club & Tyrolean Federal Forestry Agency

Project manager: 
Andreas Aschaber

Outdoor exercise is trendy. Many new kinds of sport allow people to experience nature and benefit both tourism and the health service. The Tyrolians’ love of exercise is one major reason for their above average health.

The increased use of nature, however, also leads to conflict. Mountain bikers on walking paths, ski touring enthusiasts unwittingly chasing wildlife from their resting areas, sports climbers trampling across hay meadows. Usually these are individual black sheep who make peaceful coexistence in nature difficult.

On 6 May 2014 the government of the federal state of Tyrol started the programme BERGWELT TIROL - MITEINANDER ERLEBEN (Experiencing Tyrolean mountains together) to initiate a dialogue between user groups and to enable solutions that will be accepted by all sides.

The project aims to monitor the implementation strategies of the BERGWELT TIROL - MITEINANDER ERLEBEN programme in the Sellrain valley over a longer period. In three phases the focus shifts from the current state to acceptance and to the impact of the measures implemented by the local working groups. The results of the monitoring will form the basis for recommendations for future ski touring controlling measures.