Landslides in high-alpine environments – climate change impacts, exposure, and policy implications (IGF)

CAUTION-Team at IGF: Margreth Keiler und Annemarie Polderman

Landslides rank among the most widespread natural hazards in the Alps and are characterised by a complex combination of geological, hydrogeological, geomechanical and meteorological processes. They occur in a wide variety of geological and structural settings, and as a response to various loading and triggering processes. In the European Alps, landslides at all scales are of particular significance in mountainous countries and cause fatalities and considerable loss each year. With progressing climate warming meteorological factors affecting landslides are projected to change, in magnitude dependent on the emission scenario. However, the resulting change in landslide hazards and associated impacts, such as loss, exposure and vulnerability are still poorly understood. The project CAUTION has been designed to close this knowledge gap. CAUTION addresses areas of interest such as social aspects of climate change and adaptation policies, and communication of climate change for the 14th ACRP call.

This project is funded by the Klima+Energie Fonds.

Link to project website: will follow soon.