VLACH supports the dialectological diversity of the Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrine/Serbian language(s). The following activities and measures are being carried out during the first activity period of the VLACH Commission (2016-2021):

  • field research conducted by Sanja Crnogorac, Christoph Giesel Thede Kahl on nowadays situation of oral epic songs of Montenegro (2019)
  • field research conducted by Thede Kahl and Andreea Pascaru on Croatian/Serbian varieties in Romania, especially of Carașova/Karaševo and Svinița/Svinica.
  • processing and editing of existing research material:
    • incorporation of audio, photo and video collection on karaševski in the Banat
    • editing and transcription of Croatian/Serbian materials in cooperation with Milica Grujičić and Sabrina Tomić
    • editing and transcription of Montenegrine materials in cooperation with Sanja Crnogorac
  • publication and popularization of audio tracks, photo collection and video clips within the VLACH BCMS collection until 2021