Mag. Edith Michaeler, MA

Junior Scientist (OeAW/FWF)

Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Studies (CMC)
Austrian Academy of Sciences / University of Klagenfurt
1010 Wien, Bäckerstraße 13 / 1. Stock, Austria


Academic Education

Academic Education

2014 Executive Master's degree in “International Media Innovation Management” - Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung/Berlin

2004 Mag.phil in History and Political Science - University of Vienna, Institut d’Etudes Politiques/Paris

Professional Career & Research Interests

Professional Career & Research Interests

Mag. Edith Michaeler M.A. has long been dealing with digitization and media innovation. She works as a journalist and project manager for national and international and innovation projects and develops digital journalistic projects. Her core topics are entrepreneurial journalism, multimedia storytelling, and - at the format level - podcasts.

After studying history and political science in Vienna and Paris, she worked as a journalist and press officer for various interest groups.

Since her Executive Master's degree in “International Media Innovation Management” (2014), Edith has been accompanying and advising organizations on the development of digitization projects. She has been working at the fjum_forum journalism and media since 2016. There she heads Zertifikatslehrgang Digitaljournalismus, a digital journalism course, and the Journalistic Innovation Masterclass.

At the Institute for Comparative Media and Communication Research (CMC), she has been researching the interplay between media innovation and social development as part of the international research project JoIn-DemoS (Journalism Innovation in Democratic Societies) since 2020.