Edition of the Foreign Office Documents of the Republic of Austria

Edition of the Foreign Office Documents of the Republic of Austria

One of the essential tasks of basic research in history is to preserve historical heritage and make it accessible to the public in a scientifically edited form. The edited publication of documents represents an important contribution to the conservation, contextualisation and mapping of this heritage as well as to the transparency of political processes. This task includes the documentation of the formation of foreign policy perceptions and decision-making processes.

Until the beginning of the 1990s, a systematic scientific edition of the foreign policy records of the Republic of Austria had not been undertaken. The project ‘Foreign Office Documents of the Republic of Austria’ (ADÖ) thus aims to publish these documents in a scientifically edited series. For this purpose, the available official and semi-official documents are viewed and those considered crucial for understanding Austria’s foreign policy history are selected. The selected documents are then published in an annotated form and equipped with an index. Each volume is introduced with a concise summary detailing the stock of documents it covers, the editorial principles and essential content.

The series ‘Außenpolitische Dokumente der Republik Österreich 1918–1938’ (ADÖ-1), comprising 12 volumes, is complete.

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Professor Dr Arno Strohmeyer