During its initial funding period (2021-26), the Commission will convene a number of international workshops and symposia.

The first series of thematic workshops will be devoted to the following topics: (i) Turkic: Probing the Frontiers of a Lingua Franca; (ii) The Russian Archives of Islam (16th-20th Centuries); (iii) The Soviet Archives of Religion (20th Century); (iv) Old Slavonic as a Language of Islam; (v) Islamic Manuscript Cultures in Central Eurasia (16th-20th Centuries); (vi) The Connected Histories of Central Eurasian Islam.

Designed to explore the multifarious research trajectories in the history of Islam in Central Eurasia, a yearly symposium will avail itself of the unique expertise reflected by the Committee’s members and several guest speakers who will be invited to give a presentation on a topic of their choice.

In addition to international workshops and symposia, the Commission will pursue the organization of summer schools in partnership with other academic institutions and research initiatives.