“Literate people, it is your duty to teach those who are illiterate!”, Turkestan State Publishing House 1920s. “Грамотный, твой долг обучать неграмотных!,” Russian Perspectives on Islam, accessed September 14, 2021, islamperspectives.org/rpi/items/show/9941

Are you hooked on the history of Central Eurasia? Do you want to know more about Muslims under Tsarist and Communist rule? Would you like to share with us the stories behind your research and reflect on your fieldwork or teaching experience? Then this is the place for you! In this blog we’ll uncover the galaxy of voices from Central Eurasian archives, raise awareness about the significance of Muslim communities in Russian, Soviet and Chinese history, and bring the study of Islam in the successor countries to the USSR and in the PRC into conversation with global history.

The city of Petropavlovsk, early 20th century. Courtesy of Zufar Makhmudov
The Mansurov Affair: Of Pan-Islamism in the Russian Empire
Through Khiva to Golden Samarkand, or Ella Enchanted
A Muslim Cholera Riot without Muslims
Dagestan 1991: The Madrasa and the Wahhabis
Life of Baghdad
Abdulla Qahhor’s Tales from the Past
The Black Hand