Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr.

Bettina Bader

Group Leader | RG Archaeology in Egypt and Sudan


Telephone: +43 1 51581-6110

Location: Dominikanerbastei 16 | 1010 Vienna

Biographical sketch

After finishing MA (1998) and PhD studies (2004) at the Institute for Egyptology, University of Vienna, several Post-Doc positions financed by the Austrian Science Fund, the Austrian National Bank and the European Commission followed (2004–2009). The last two year position was a Marie Curie Fellowship at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge (UK). 2010–2014 Principal investigator of the project »Foreigners in Ancient Egypt – The Archaeology of Culture Contact« (FWF, V147-G21) and Assistant Professor (fixed term substitution) at the Institute for Egyptology, University of Vienna (academic year 2012/2013). Since 2015 Principal investigator of the START-project »Beyond Politics: Material Culture of Second Intermediate Period Egypt and Nubia« (FWF, Y754-G19) and head of research group »Material culture in Egypt and Nubia«. Over 25 years of experience in archaeological excavations in Egypt in collaboration with the Austrian Archaeological Institute (Tell el-Daba), the Egypt Exploration Society (Memphis), the Metropolitan Museum New York (Dahshur), the Archaeological Museum Madrid (Herakleopolis Magna), the University of Leuven (Deir el-Bersha), the University of Birmingham, Alabama (Lisht), the Swiss Institute for Architectural and Archaeological Research on Ancient Egypt, Cairo (Elephantine), The Djehuti-Project (Thebes) and The Ancient Egyptian Heritage and Archaeology Fund (Deir el-Ballas). In 2019 she gained her ›Habilitation‹ at the University of Vienna with the thesis »Complexities of Identity Research in Archaeology – Interpretational Possibilities by means of a Case Study of a late Middle Kingdom settlement«.

Detailed Biography

    Research Projects

    Research interests

    • Funerary and settlement archaeology in Ancient Egypt and the Levant
    • The First Intermediate Period to New Kingdom (ca. 2176 – 1450BC) in general
    • Material culture studies
    • Interpretation of distribution patterns of material culture
    • Studies in culture contacts and interaction of ancient cultures, in particular Egypt and the Levant
    • Transfer of knowledge
    • Archaeology of identity
    • Evaluation and interpretation of archaeological data derived from ceramics
    • Contextual studies
    • Re-evaluation of old excavation records and archaeological material



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